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Date Type Patient Age Gender Language Region Salary Status Accommodation More...
29/07/2014 Live-in 78 years old Woman Hebrew North 1200 Family Apartment
29/07/2014 Live-in 39 years old Woman English Sharon 5200 Family Private home
29/07/2014 Live-in 92 years old Man Hebrew Jerusalem 3800 Couple Apartment
29/07/2014 Reliever 55 years old Man Hebrew Shfela 5200 Family Nursing home
29/07/2014 Live-in 47 years old Man English Shfela 0 Single Private home
29/07/2014 Live-in 80 years old Woman Hebrew Shfela 5000 Couple Private home
29/07/2014 Live-in 89 years old Woman Hebrew Tel Aviv 3600 Single Apartment
29/07/2014 Live-in 71 years old Woman Hebrew Jerusalem 4100 Single Apartment
29/07/2014 Live-in 82 years old Woman Hebrew Sharon 3800 Family Private home
29/07/2014 Live-in 60 years old Woman Hebrew Shfela 3500 Couple Private home
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