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See what Super Julie, an independent blogger, has to say about iSavta

"The website aims to help the caregivers to find a good employer and a job that is suitable for them. The site actually features important details and information about the employers as well as the caregivers ... This goes the same to the caregivers. They can access the address, telephone numbers of the prospective employers whom they can choose without restraint from any recruitment agency. Furthermore, the site also discloses the possible salary they offer as well as their status and even the languages they prefer to speak ... This will help both the employers and caregivers to easily find what they need."
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The iSavta site was established in order to provide those looking for caregiver jobs or nursing jobs in Israel, the ability to find their next job online, meet employers and their families, get the most relevant info about healthcare jobs and enjoy special benefits, such as the iSavta Card, all without spending time. Caregivers who are looking for a new job are more than welcome to sign up and get in direct touch with employers. Employers also sign up and describe their situation, location, the offered salary and more. The employers can also get in touch with you, caregivers, so your chances to find a better job are even greater this way.