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COVID 19 UPDATE as of November 25: Re-Entry Visa For Caregivers With Employers

In case there are still some of you who are not aware of the changes in re-entry visa regulations due to Covid-19. Here are the guidelines as of November 25, 2020 posted by Kav Laoved Migrant Caregivers official Facebook Page. Please read carefully and share it to anyone you know that may need this information as soon as possible.

Hello all,
As you know, due to Covid-19 the re-entry visa regulations were changed. We would like to let you know the current situation:
Caregivers with B1 visa, who are assigned to an employer, are able to get re-entry visa under some conditions, as follows:
1. The manpower agency should help filling the form for re-entry visa after getting an approval from the employer.
The agency should help the caregiver in making the appointment to Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of Interior).
2. In Misrad Hapnim you will have to pay for the re-entry visa with credit card, and the re-entry visa will be put on your passport.
3. Most important – unlike in the past, it is not enough to have the re-entry visa in order to be able to return to Israel.
You also need an additional approval from Misrad Hapnim, that you should get 2 weeks before you come back (not more than 2 weeks!).
The manpower agency should apply to Misrad Hapnim for that approval attaching 3 documents:
3.1 A commitment for the 2-week quarantine in Israel signed by the employer, specifying the address where it will be.
3.2 A copy of your passport
3.3 A document verifying valid medical insurance in Israel.
The approval from Misrad Hapnim should be sent to you by the agency on WhatsApp / Email (you don't have to go to the embassy/consulate)
4. When you come back to Israel you should be sure that you have:
a. Valid B/1 visa
b. Re-entry visa
c. The approval from Misrad Hapnim
Misrad Hapnim updates the Ben-Gurion airport of the address where you are committed for quarantine.
We would like to emphasize – you depend on your employer for the return. If the employer passes away or does not cooperate, you may not be able to return.
Unfortunately, currently, during this Covid-19 period, workers without employers, are not able to get a re-entry visa.
Keep safe and more power to you all.

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