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Save from 3,600 NIS to 25,600 NIS every year. Join us now!

Receive the nursing benefit as money from Social Security

"The Great Hours Heist of the Elderly" - watch Kan 11 channel video about the nursing market. Here are some selected quotes:
"Most families do not even realize that they are being scammed"
"The company that receives the benefit from Social Security provides the caregivers and shares the wages and social rights with the family. But this partnership is far from fair, and the nursing companies often manage to place a heavy financial burden on families״

״In order to deal with the attempts of nursing companies to burden their foreign worker costs on family members, the family should have knowledge and tools that most people don't have״

Personal savings calculator

Fill in the details and check the potential savings

The last payment or 3 months average

How much can we save every month?

The total saving depends on the number of weekly hours awarded by the Social Security and the Claims Conference, on the hourly rate the patient receives from the nursing company (39-44 NIS / hour, including social rights)

Range of potential savings

Caregiver Level 4 Up to 8,040 NIS yearly
Caregiver Level 5 Up to 9,840 NIS yearly
Caregiver Level 6 Up to 10,200 NIS yearly
Level 5 + Holocaust Survivors' Fund Up to 10,800 NIS yearly
Level 6 + Holocaust Survivors' Fund Up to 11,950 NIS yearly
Level 5 couple + eligibility of one of them for the Holocaust Survivors' Fund Up to 19,100 NIS yearly
Level 6 couple + eligibility for the Holocaust Survivors' Fund Up to 25,600 NIS yearly

The savings above compare the total cost of direct employment including pension and severance

New! The system allows your caregiver to select 9 Holidays in advance for the entire employment. You'll be notified if the Holiday coincides the day off, in order to prevent double payment.

How it works



Input data

Type-in 3 details: allowance that were paid, number of Saturdays worked, and vacation days used



Salary calculation

The system creates salary calculation in Hebrew, English and Russian



Paying and saving

Paying the salary by law, and keeping the social benefits on your bank account


The Social Security allows recipients of nursing benefit to receive the money directly to their bank, in order to save significant amounts every month. If you too feel confused, encounter lack of transparency and still didn't get clear answers about your nursing benefit - you are at the right place.

The iSavta site that was established on 2011 in order to assist patients' family member, offers you to receive the nursing benefit directly to your bank account. In addition to significant monthly savings, there are other reasons for direct employment.

Additional advantages to directly receiving the nursing benefit


The nursing benefit is received even when your caregiver is on vacation


No need to fill-in the monthly logs


Receive the benefit continuously, even if no caregiver is employed for a while

Who is this service for?

Patients with employment permit of foreign caregivers that:


Those are not eligible for nursing benefit due to hight income


Social Security recipients


Recipients of Disabled Benefit from the Social Security


Those who are already directly employ caregivers that looking for tools for legal and efficient employment

If you are looking for caregivers at this point this is the list of available caregivers



Self service

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Automatically receive the guidance kit
Account setup with our support team
Online system training

389 NIS

Setup fee


only 49 NIS

per month

No commitment

Join the service and start saving today
* Don't waste your time, you're losing money every month!

Full service

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Our team submits the forms to Social Security on your behalf (and to the claims conference - if relevant)
Our team calculates the monthly salary and social rights for you
Support by phone and email

599 NIS

Setup fee


only 99 NIS

per month

No commitment

Join the service and start saving today

What's in guidance kit

Self service package that includes a complete online guidance kit


Downloading and submitting Social Security form


All the required steps of the transition to direct employment


Independently checking the social rights deposited by the nursing company


Working with the Claims Conference

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