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Planning to Work As Caregiver in Israel? Here's What You Need To Know

Are you planning to work in Israel as Caregiver?

Perhaps you are already in Israel and planning to let your relatives or friends come over to work.

Well, here’s what they need to do and go through before they could secure a job in Holy Land.

Remember, the requirements will vary on which local manpower agency you’ll apply. But, the Israel Embassy will certainly asked for the same set of documents.

Here are the list of requirements:

  • Valid Passport - must be 3 years valid
  • Resume - with Photo
  • NBI Clearance - with both copies with clear photo and receipt (must be “Travel Abroad” 6 months validity from date of issue)
  • Birth Certificate - National Statistics Office (NSO) copy with receipt
  • Birth Certificate - Local Civil Registrar (Form 1A) copy with receipt.
  • A. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)/Singleness from NSO with receipt - for single applicant (to be processed for Red Ribbon from Department of Foreign Affairs)          B. Marriage Contract from NSO and Local Civil Registrar with receipt - for married applicants (to be processed for Red Ribbon from Department of Foreign Affairs)
  • Travel Document from Immigration Department.
  • Old Valid Identification Cards (ID’s)
  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID


Primary ID’s - should have been issued not less than 4 years ago

  • Old Passport
  • Licenses (Driver’s/PRC) - with certification from LTO and/or PRC
  • SSS/GSIS ID - digital
  • Police Clearance
  • Postal ID

Secondary ID’s - should have been issued not less than 2 years ago

  • Old Passport
  • Licenses (Driver’s/PRC) - with certification from LTO and/or PRC
  • SSS/GSIS ID - digital
  • Employment ID’s - must be accompanied by certification from the company
  • School Yearbook/IDs - must be certified true copy of school with school dry seal.

Tertiary ID's

  • Voter’s ID - with voter’s certification from COMELEC
  • Old Photos with Applicant’s Name
  • Old documents with applicant’s name/photo


Pictures (colored with white background)

  • Passport size with name tag (12 copies)
  • Whole Body in Business Attire (2 copies)


Additional Requirements for Single Applicant

  • Senior Citizen ID of Parents if 60 years old and above, valid ID’s, family pictures (old & new)
  • Death Certificate of Parent/s from NSO and from Local Civil Registrar (Form 2A) if dead with burial/tomb pictures
  • Certificate of Appearance (POLO) if parents are out of the country.
  • Birth Certificate of Child/Children (if applicable) from NSO and Local Civil Registrar


Additional Requirements for Married Applicant

  • Valid ID of Husband/Wife, wedding pictures, family pictures (old and new)
  • Death Certificate of Husband/Wife (if dead) with burial/tomb pictures.
  • Birth Certificate of Child/Children from NSO and Local Civil Registrar.


TESDA Caregiving Certificate NCII and Hebrew Language Training

Caregiver Jobs in Israel is not an easy profession

The first thing that you are going to do when you want to work in Israel is to make sure you are fit for the job. Make sure you are 100% keen about applying as a caregiver. Remember, it is NOT an easy profession to do.

If you are already 100% decided, that’s the time that you’ll find a legitimate manpower agency. Beware of illegal recruiters! Ask the agency everything that you need to ask. From placement fee, trainings, requirements, miscellaneous fees and above all, the legitimacy of their POEA license.


Qualification Requirements for Foreign Care Worker


One of the most important requirements that you need to secure is your CENOMAR or your marriage certificate. These documents need to be certified by DFA. Remember, couples who are legally married are not allowed to work together in Israel. The Israeli law does not permit couples to live together in Israel as migrant workers.

Your processing will start with your training to acquire the TESDA Certificate followed by your Hebrew lesson. At the same time, your agency will process the certification of your documents with the Israeli Embassy in Manila for about a month.

If your application is approved, you will be given a specific hospital or clinic where you will have your medical examination. If we may suggest, have a pre-medical examination before you decide to apply to work in Israel. Make sure that you are physically and mentally fit.

Your documents will be sent to the agency in Israel for them to find an employer for you. This is where the waiting will start.

When you have the employer, the Israeli embassy will then schedule you for an appearance and stamping of your visa. This is where you will need all the ID’s that the agency requires. You have to prove to the embassy that you are the person you claimed to be by supporting your claim with all the identification and documents listed above.

Remember, if you are married, the embassy will require your spouse to come with you during your appearance.

If you are single, your parents, if below 60 years old will not to accompany you to the Israeli Embassy. If above 60 years old, you need to submit their Senior Citizen ID. If they are dead, you need to submit their death certificate.

You will sign your contract at your agency. Paying of placement fee will be handled by them. Terms will be discussed as well as how much salary you’ll receive in Israel. Probably, the name, address and some info about your employer will also be discussed.

You will also need to attend a pre departure seminar or PDOS to brief you about the life abroad and what you should do in case of trouble or emergency.

You will then have your plane ticket with the schedule of your flight.

In Israel, the counterpart of your manpower agency in will take you from the airport and will take care of you until you starts to work with your respective employer.

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