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It's 2022!



Most of us are still holding on to 2021 wherein some are still feeling the guilt, regrets and disappointments that the last year brought, while some are still overwhelmed with the overflowing blessings and favors they've received from 2021 and hoping to have a continued success this year.

For whatever reason, the new year always brings uneasiness for everyone despite of us trying to be optimistic and hopeful. Maybe because we all feel that time really flies these past few years. The wasted days become weeks and become months. Before we know it, we already wasted a year. Unresolved problems, goals that we failed to reach, resolutions that we didn't keep.

For us who are working overseas away from our families, the Christmas and New Year is the worst season for our emotional health. No matter how much we convince ourselves that it's just an ordinary/normal day, we couldn't help but feel sad and emotional. Aside from being away, we are also counting the years that we've spent in this foreign land wherein Christmas is not celebrated and the new year is in September.

If you are going to make a goal this year, that is to make sure that you wouldn't spend Christmas and New Year away from your loved ones anymore. Perhaps, it will be another year, another 3, 5 or 10 years. But still, you are working hard to finally be home.

There's only one way to do this. SAVE.

It's hard, you say. It's not, I say.

Your salary will always be enough and you'll have some to save no matter how much money you need each month. One way to do it is to kill some amount from your salary. If you are receiving 4500 NIS a month, you can always work around the 4000 NIS budget to pay debts, send to family and pay your bills. The 500 NIS can be saved inside your bank and considered non-existent. That no matter how much you need, these 500 NIS/month will not be used or touched.

One secret to success in saving is to save first before buying not buying before saving. You would wonder sometimes why you weren't able to save when you have enough income each month? It's because you are buying things you don't really need. You are sending too much money to your family. You are not doing something to free yourself from loans/debts with interest.

Working overseas is a great opportunity for you. You earn more than the average minimum wage earner in your country. But it doesn't mean it's forever. Your number one goal in going abroad is not actually to alleviate the lives of your loved ones. Your goal in going away is to go home soon. And you won't be able to do that if you are not managing your finances wisely.

Christmas and New Year is a time to celebrate. But it will always be a season of sorrow if you won't do everything to be with your loved ones during the Holidays. 

Save, go home, celebrate life with the people who matters. Let the NEW YEAR take you home.


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