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Things You Should Never POST on Social Media

You can only count on your fingers the people in your circle who does not have a social media account. All of a sudden, everyone in this world are connected. Isn't it amazing? Yes it is!

But, there are also lurkers somewhere in those billions of people who are waiting for someone vulnerable that could be their next victim. What they need are just a few information that they could get from no other than but victim himself. 

Most of the time, people are posting these important information without thinking twice. These info which seems to be harmless can get you into trouble. Before you find yourself in a mess, here's the list of things that you should NOT POST on Social Media:

Full Address, Telephone Numbers and Social Security Numbers – whether it’s yours or someone you know. You should never post these valuable information on social media. Not only you are inviting stalkers, you are also inviting trouble because it makes an easy access for other people to steal your identity and make transactions using your name.

Routines – trust me, you don’t have to put on social media any info about your daily routines. Sure, people might know where you live or work but, they don’t need to know the time you leave home and what you’re doing after work, what time you’re home and what time your home is free to be rob off.

Vacation Plans – some people go for vacation and gets excited about it that they intentionally let the whole world know where and when they are going. These infos will invite individuals to enter your home uninvited knowing that you are away somewhere and coming home in a few days.

Pictures of your Children – whether we like it or not, kidnapping is very rampant nowadays. Posting your kid’s picture in his/her school uniform will give infos to these people where they could find your kid. Please be aware of the reality of human trafficking in this world. Your kids will never be an excemption.

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Personal Problems / Relationship Issues – whether it’s family, husband, wife, relatives’ issues…never ever wash your dirty laundry in public. The whole world doesn’t need to know how much pain you are going through or how much you hate your life. You are only inviting prying eyes and gossips. People eventually will try to meddle with your personal life because you allow them.

Classified Information- like your full name, address, phone and social security numbers, do not post your credit /debit cards or bank documents online. No matter how you blur those details, you might forget to cover some important details that people could use to rob you off. IDs or anything with your name, birth date and signature, do not post it online.

Mother’s Maiden Name- there’s a reason why you are always asked to provide your mother’s maiden name especially if you are signing up for something like bank registration or online transaction. Do not give this out to public for it is one of the vital infos that could be used against you.

Nude /Provocative Pictures- whether it’s yours or your friends’, do not post these kind of photos online. No matter how private you think your social media account is, there are always loopholes. Somebody could hack your account and gain access to all your private photos.

Personal rants about your job – You think its okay because you blocked your boss. Ooppss, you’re friends with your co-worker who secretly hates you. Those rants could reach your boss in seconds and boom, you'll find yourself unemployed the next day.

Embarrassing Photos of other People - although Facebook has this feature wherein you can review the photos that you are tagged, the picture will still appear somewhere. Do not embarrass someone by posting his/her picture online without his/her consent. Especially if it’s something embarrassing like a picture of a wasted friend vomiting in a public restroom. Just imagine yourself being in his/her place. 

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