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Minimum Wage for Caregivers in Vancouver

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A caregiver is an individual tasked with the responsibility of taking care of a loved one or someone close to them who is disabled or cannot take care of themselves. Such situations may arise due to old age, illness or when one is physically challenged. Carrying out some simple tasks like washing, moving around and even eating might be difficult for those going through such challenges.

Caregivers can play an essential role during this period. Some of their responsibilities include cooking, washing, driving and dressing the person with a specific disability. Most people prefer hiring caregivers from their close family circles. This could be one of their family members or a close friend of the family.  An outsider can also be hired as long as they have the expertise required for the job.

A high number of caregivers in Canada offer unpaid service because most of them are close family members of the person they are taking care of. Non-family members will work for a certain amount.


Caregiver Salary in Vancouver, Canada

Caregivers are mostly paid on an hourly basis depending on the period they have been at work. Salaries usually vary from one region to another in this country. You will note slight differences in the amounts caregivers in other areas like Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta earn. A caregiver in Vancouver makes about $17 per hour which is slightly above the national average of $13 per hour. This is one job that can drain one to the maximum, so some motivation in the form of a good salary can be a great incentive.

As a caregiver, you need to understand your rights to stay free from manipulation and have a smooth working experience, even if you are taking care of a close relative or family member. Do not be afraid to express yourself when you are not okay or getting the right treatment. You are also free to refuse any kind of manipulation from the person receiving care from you.

Working as a caregiver comes with its sets of benefits. It is a challenging job that can take a toll on you. However, there are several things you will enjoy when offering this kind of service. It is a well-paying job that enables you to save more for your future. You will develop strong relationships and connections with other people who are family members of the person you are giving care.

This is one job that will keep you busy if you are a person who doesn't like staying idle for long. You can apply with the different caregiver agencies to enjoy the benefits and experience that comes with this job.

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